Our values guide us in how we conduct business. Values shape the relationships we have with our clients, the relationships our team members have with each other, and our commitment to having a reputation that provides a positive outcome.

Even in the world of mobile applications and remote access, we still take a keen interest in our clients’ business and how they operate. As part of our Client Interaction Program, professional staff will visit client facilities to see how business is really run in the trenches or chat with management to inquire about strategic plans and how we can assist with their growth.
We utilize the latest accounting technology to increase efficiency and reduce errors. With the extra time saved, we can focus on the value-added services that are important to our clients.
We perform all of our engagements paperless (REALLY!). We utilize secured client portals for the transfer of client files and information. While we do get faxes and mail from time to time, it has about a 24 hour life span in our office because we quickly convert paper to electronic format and either shred or return the documents back to the client. We’re still working on the Admin staff…
Diversity provides our firm with different backgrounds, experiences, thoughts and ideas. This allows each staff member to bring something different to each engagement thus improving the quality of our services. This benefits our clients in that they get fresh ideas, alternative perspectives and well-thought out recommendations for improving their accounting functions and their business.
Our staff exemplifies teamwork. Multiple staff are responsible for each client. Meeting deadlines sometimes requires that each team member does their part AND assist each other. Our office structure and work ethic encourages staff to assist each other, whether the client is assigned to them or not.