The auditor just left and the audit went beautifully. He told us that everything looks great and we can expect the official word at the end of the month

Al Leandre, President, Vyalex Management Solutions

I loved working with you and look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Chris Dougherty, President, CenterScope Technologies

We would like to thank you and your team for all of the hard work over the years working as the Interclypse external accountant. As a new business we could not have achieved what we have without your oversight, experience, and constant mentoring. We will continue to refer new startup businesses to Cheryl Jefferson & Associates especially those that plan to do business with the federal government. Again, we cannot thank you enough for the support you have given Interclypse.

Scott Delcore, Vice President, Interclypse

We got official notification from DCAA that our review was a success! The auditor told me that his office had determined that our system was satisfactory on all points, and the written report would be available soon. Thanks so much for all the help CJA provided!

Regina Thyberg, Esq., Contracts/Legal, Freedom Consulting Group

I approached Cheryl Jefferson & Associates because the firm that was doing our books was doing a wholly inadequate job. We never got our compilations in a timely manner, no advice was being given to us on how better to do things as a new small business, and rational explanations for tax decisions were never provided. In short, we weren’t getting the financial guidance one would expect from a CPA firm.


CJA started by reviewing all previous tax returns and offering suggestions for corrections and ways to move forward. CJA also assisted with establishing a protocol for maintaining our books and ensuring that the financials were in keeping with General Accounting Standards. As a result, we now have a more streamlined approach to keeping the books, better record keeping, and a more rational way of classing/coding things so that bookkeeping has become second nature.


In addition to the fact that CJA was a minority woman-owned, small business like mine, the thing I liked about partnering with CJA was that, during our initial interview, Cheryl seemed to be very knowledgeable about her field. She seemed quite understanding of the needs of a newly started company and able to accommodate the needs of my infant small business. She was willing to hold my hand during my start up years, which was quite comforting. I found the experience both enlightening and stress relieving. I was able to stop worrying about whether or not my financials were accurate.


I would recommend Cheryl Jefferson & Associates to any business that needs guidance as a startup.

Toya E. Hauf, Managing Member, WCIS Consulting, LLC

I approached CJA because we needed her expertise to ensure that our company operated in accordance with formal accounting standards and DCAA requirements to work with the government. Cheryl worked with us to ensure all requirements to include direct costs, indirect costs, and pools were set up correctly and compliant. Further, she made sure we knew how to test our system to ensure compliance with the standards. As a result, ACG maintained an approved accounting system and this has helped our business grow since our inception in 2004.


I like their personal attention and willingness to work with us through both the stressful and good times, to ensure we have what we need to succeed. I find the experience to be very personal and enlightening. I never thought I had to re-learn Accounting I and II.


I would recommend CJA to businesses that need an expert in accounting to ensure your business meets accounting standards, which is the basic framework for a strong business and growth.

Bernar Tallitsch, President, Agency Consulting Group, Inc.