We like to be different. Not only do we differentiate ourselves from other firms in the level of service we provide, but all in the overall culture and atmosphere of the firm. From the “CJA way” to our team members, this is what makes us a special place to have a career.

Cheryl Jefferson & Associates is a small, dynamic, consulting-driven boutique CPA firm with clients and professionals across the US.  We have been 100% remote since 2015.

Whether it is a bookkeeper who wants to become a CPA or a bookkeeper who just likes being a bookkeeper, we strive to make sure our team is the best at what they do or want to do.  Our work is multi-faceted, where providing advice and training is central to the services we provide our clients as well as internally.  Now, you won’t get a lot of handholding.  We are big on making you think about what you are doing and pulling out the knowledge you have.  We are highly selective of our clients (and employees), so that everyone enjoys and appreciates the work we do.  We believed in work-life balance before it was fashionable.  That’s why we offer 3-weeks or more of PTO to all employees.  We encourage everyone to turn off their work emails and notifications after work hours. We don’t require mandatory weekend hours, even during busy season.   

We pride ourselves in being as tech savvy as CPA firms go. We make use of the latest technology to advise and train clients, monitor projects, and keep the entire team involved in on-time delivery of results.  We are results-driven.  Our focus is EXTRAordinary Client Service. We only hire people with can-do attitudes and crazy initiative.  Why do our clients love us?  Because we understand their unique businesses, we are proactive problem solvers, and we overcome challenges to deliver on time. 

Become part of a special team of professionals where your work has meaning, initiative is valued, and your voice will be heard.


If we were big enough, we would give our team members the world. However, considering our size, we try to do a darn good job of offering benefits that are equal or better than other small firms:

  • 11 holidays, including 2 days for Christmas*
  • Up to 3 weeks’ paid time off
  • Health or Dependent Care benefits
  • 100% paid life insurance*
  • 401(k) with 3% match and profit sharing
  • Semi-annual performance based bonuses
  • Career development

*full-time employees only


We have a highly collaborative team and are client-deliverable focused.  Our team members…

  • are able to find meaningful things to do even without an assigned task. 
  • can focus on the right tasks and defer noncritical tasks as priorities shift.
  • can manage their time effectively without getting sidetracked by home environment distractions. 
  • are cognizant of scheduling and understand that meeting their deadlines impacts the clients or other team members. 
  • can communicate ideas, problems, delays, best practices, and solutions.
  • can write clearly and concisely, whether it’s letters, chat, or email. 
  • show tact in communication, so the correct message is conveyed, without misunderstandings.
  • exhibit trustworthiness in the security of data and working when and where they say.
  • acknowledge mistakes and self-initiate corrective actions.
  • have lives outside of work, so they do not require constant interaction from other team members during the workday.
  • are comfortable using digital collaboration tools such as Asana, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams. 
  • have crazy initiative!

We look for individuals who..

  • bring depth to the role.
  • have great people skills.
  • exercise critical thinking no matter the level.
  • have a sense of ethical fairness.
  • have the ability to figure out anything (without excessive hand holding).
  • are detail-oriented but can also see the big picture.
  • have above average analytical skills.
  • are adept to constant change.

Yes, it’s a tall order, but our clients expect the BEST. To provide the best service, we need the best people, seriously. So only you know if our firm is a fit for you.


We are 100% virtual with a highly collaborative team.  Its a relay race where everyone relies on everyone else to pass the baton.  Most of your day will be without face-to-face interaction.  So, our hiring process focuses on only qualified candidates that can navigate minimal face-to-face interaction in our virtual office.  Do we use an automation during the screening process?  Yes, we do.  We are small and do not have hired recruiters to sift through resumes.  Our automated screening helps us quickly separate candidates that meet basic qualifications from the rest so we can fill the role as efficiently as possible.  

Our hiring process includes an application with questions about basic qualifications and video for role-specific responses, a soft skills assessment for team fit, and a Teams interview (group depending on position) to really evaluate synergy.  Resumes are one of the last things we look at. 

  1. You complete the Evaluation Application
  2. We review qualified candidates 
  3. We may follow up with a 15-min call to obtain clarity 
  4. We have the rest of the team review your qualifications and confirm scheduled interviews 
  5. We conduct live video interviews of top candidates
  6. We bring selected candidates online for a full-day working interview or project
  7. We make a final selection and send a written offer
  8. We conduct a background check and begin onboarding 


Work may only be performed from one private home workspace or a co-work location with reliable internet, physically within the continental US. Work may NOT be performed in a public space or outside of the US. This means some place in your home or good co-working space (at your expense) where the background behind your workspace appears professional and you have the ability to hold confidential conversations with team members and/or clients without interruption by family, friends or similar distractions.   

You must work from the same city and state that you provide as your work location so we can manage tax liabilities and insurances.

Our core hours are 8AM – 5PM EST, Monday through Friday.  You must be available for phone calls, instant messaging and video conferencing during core hours, as scheduled. 

Daycare. If dependents – young, elderly or disabled – will be in the same residence during work time and they are unable to care for themselves (i.e., you would not comfortably leave them alone and unattended for 8+ hours at a time), another adult must be present and responsible for their care and supervision. 

Required technology includes:

(1) minimum 15-inch screen laptop or PC,

(2) 2nd 20-inch monitor or larger,

(3) minimum internet speed of 15MB down/2MB up, and

(4) a smartphone.  

We are a Microsoft camp, so please make sure your system can function with Office 365 applications. 

You may not use another company’s or employer’s computer/property to perform work for us.  It is unethical and a security risk.

You are expected to be tech-savvy, have the ability to figure out most apps, can follow “Help” and be willing to Google or YouTube anything else. 

Join our Team