4 Reasons a Small Business Needs a CPA

For many small business owners, the ongoing demands of daily operations and the constant change of laws and regulations present a daunting challenge. With limited resources and expertise, these entrepreneurs often find themselves in an uncertain position. Running a profitable business while attempting to promote growth becomes a constant juggle. Each decision carries weight, making the necessity for financial expertise abundantly clear. Some may view hiring a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) as an additional expense. However, the value they bring to small businesses is irreplaceable. Here are four reasons a small business needs a CPA:

Provides Expert Financial Guidance

CPAs are highly trained professionals. They have spent many years going through rigorous training to perfect their craft. Specializing in areas such as accounting, financial management, and taxation. Their extensive knowledge allows them to provide tailored guidance to your business. Helping to promote growth while assisting in achieving the business’ goals.

Ensures Compliance with Regulations

Laws and regulations, especially regarding tax, are ever-changing. On top of that, they can be quite complex. CPAs help small businesses navigate these ‘bumpy roads.’ They not only help with ensuring compliance, but also can help develop strategies that are beneficial for your business.

Improves Business Efficiencies

CPAs have a ‘knack’ for identifying inefficiencies in businesses processes and procedures. Often providing solutions to implement streamlined procedures, better accounting software, and establish internal controls. Having the skills to analyze data to identify strengths and weaknesses goes a long way as well.

Accurate Financial Data

CPAs help small businesses maintain accurate financial data. This is done through account reconciliations and trend analysis. Not only does this ensure accurate financial data, but it points out any anomalies that may need to be further investigated. Accurate financial data leads to accurate financial statements. CPAs prepare financial statements, which provide insight into a business’ financial performance.

These are four reasons a small business needs a CPA. Although, the expense of a CPA may seem like a burden to business owners. The vast amount of knowledge and expertise far outweighs the expense. Here at Cheryl Jefferson & Associates we specialize in helping business owners achieve their goals.


Contributed by: Elizabeth Partlow