Our forensic accounting services assist small businesses and their attorneys with fraud, litigation support, commercial damages calculations and other commercial litigation that requires the use of a financial expert.



Employee embezzlement is the most common type of fraud.  There is also fraud committed by management, investors, vendors, and customers.  Whether you just want some reassurance or you actually suspect fraud, we can provide fraud services to uncover the facts.

What is Fraud?


Download a copy of the 2014-report-to-nations by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.


Litigation Support Services

  • Discovery
    • identification of documents to request
    • request for production of financial documents
    • interrogatories advising
    • deposition assistance
  • Information seeking interviews
    • for understanding of accounting and reporting processes
    • for obtaining financial and accounting issues or disputes from auditors
  • Third Party Collaboration
    • confirmation requests of banks, suppliers, and vendors
    • industry benchmarks
  • Transaction Testing
    • examine calculations of contractual obligations (taxes, royalties)
    • verify recording of transactions in the financial and accounting systems
    • analyze whether all contractual obligations are captured in financial and accounting systems
  • Fact Finding
    • collection of relevant business and industry relevant data
    • assistance obtaining and authenticating business evidence
    • asset searches
    • market studies
    • review financial and accounting systems
    • interview witnesses
    • due diligence
    • shareholder disputes
  • Negotiation
    • provide perspective on GAAP
    • case evaluation for strengths and weaknesses of positions
    • examine financial and accounting
    • prepare questions for opposing party’s financial and accounting witnesses/experts
    • assist with terminology
  • Case assessment and strategy
    • assist in evaluating strengths and weaknesses
    • analyze GAAP issues
    • examine financial and accounting issues
  • Trial assistance
    • formulating effective questions with regards to financial and accounting
    • translating accounting terminology
    • developing follow-up
    • analyzing expert witness work
    • providing GAAP analysis
  • Settlement
    • assistance with terms and negotiations in regard to accounting
    • oversee payments
  • Shareholder/partner additions, buyouts, and disputes


Commercial Damages

If you are involved in commercial litigation or a contract dispute, we assist with calculations for economic damages that pertain to breach of contract, business interruption claims, torts, or insurance claims.  Breach of contract could include noncompete agreements, sales commission agreements, contractor delays, joint venture agreements, employment contracts, franchise agreements, or sales of business.  Tort claims could include negligence, fraud and theft, damages to property, defamation, or intentional interference.  We can provide financial expert services for:

  • Lost profits analysis
  • Verify extra costs associated
  • Contract cost and claims analysis (including government contracts)
  • Analyze lost cash flows
  • Review mitigation of damages
  • Analyze or assist in calculating restitution
  • Analyze or calculate business interruption
  • Determine lost value of business
  • Expert report or testimony

False Claims Act

So you made a “mistake” on your spreadsheet or invoice.  Depending on the circumstances, if you billed the federal government more than you should have, you may have just violated the False Claims Act.  If you are in healthcare, along the way, you may have also violated the Anti-Kickback statute and Stark law unintentionally.  We can assist federal contractors and healthcare providers with:

  • Contract cost analysis
  • Claims analysis
  • Evaluation and calculation of alleged damages and penalties
  • Assessment and testing of medical claims
  • Evaluation of ability to pay
  • Negotiation assistance and support
  • Expert reports or testimony

Patents and Intellectual Property

New ideas and innovations take a lot of time, effort and sacrifice, and you should be compensated for them.  Whether its patent infringement, copyright infringement, trademark infringement or trade secret misappropriation, we provide litigation consulting services to assist in making sure you get what you’ve worked so hard for by:

  • Analyzing loss profits due to infringement
  • Calculating actual damages for infringement
  • Determining a reasonable royalty for infringement
  • Testing license and royalty payment transactions
  • Confirming all royalties are included
  • Ensuring proper basis of accounting
  • Calculating damages due to lost value


Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Due to reforms in bankruptcy laws, more responsibility has been placed on attorneys to ensure the reduction of abusive filings.  We provide litigation consulting services to assist with:

  • Preparation or examination of bankruptcy schedules
  • Gathering and organizing records for discovery
  • Responding to inquiries
  • Depositions or hearings
  • Reviewing and analyzing document requests for hidden assets or missing records
  • Report preparation for court proceedings


Divorce proceedings can be a highly emotional undertaking.  One party may not have access to all the finances of the marriage or one party doesn’t want to be taken advantage of.  In any situation, the goal is to get it settled quickly, but more importantly, accurately and efficiently.  We can be YOUR financial expert in providing:

  • asset tracing
  • identification of financial documents to request
  • closely held business valuation or calculated value
  • calculation of tax impact of maintenance payments
  • expert witness testimony