Are CPA’s Solely Tax Gurus?

The simple answer is no.  Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are much more than just tax gurus. These professional accountants are trusted business advisors whose services are only limited by the expertise and experience of each individual CPA or firm.

Expertise and Experience

CPA’s are licensed professionals that report to their respective state boards and to The American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA). These organizations create and enforce strict standards of conduct and requirements. CPA’s are required to adhere to hours of on-going training and a rigorous examination process.  The usefulness of a CPA, is boundless to a business and is only limited by the specific accreditations and expertise of the CPA. CPA’s have over 150 credit hours of education with continuous training. Consequently, they provide businesses with invaluable expertise and a wealth of knowledge that can lead to a truly beneficial relationship.

What a CPA Can Offer

The benefits of working with a CPA are limitless. Their services offered can be day-to-day, advisory, or specialty.  Day-to-day services, would include routine accounting such as reconciling specific accounts to third party reports and documents and cleaning up the general ledger. Also, analyzing account balances for accuracy and resolving other accounting issues. Advisory services can include assistance in recruiting future accounting staff, creating budgets, and forecasts/projections. Furthermore, government contract consulting would be a specialty service that ensures the challenges of being a government contractor are easily overcome and that DCAA compliance is achieved. With a CPA, there is a guarantee in the quality and accuracy of the work/services to be performed.

In conclusion, accountants are truly the financial backbone of a business. However, a Certified Professional Accountant, is an advisor for life.  To be a CPA means to adhere to professional standards and to represent confidence and consistency in the quality of the work. They will be diligent in resolving and addressing any and all issues both current and future.  A CPA is a business’ best friend and an asset that can be relied on time and time again. Clients and businesses alike can rest easy knowing that their company’s best interests are in the hands of a qualified professional.

Contributed by Maryney Ramirez